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Public records can often be difficult to locate for a variety of reasons, and navigating through the thousands of courts can be frustrating. While there are expensive sites that can be very useful, often it’s just a matter of knowing which courts offer online databases. That’s where we come in. Simply select a jurisdiction above to quickly and inexpensively research court case dockets, pleadings, filings, opinions, and calendars. Our collection of government and commercial resources will help you obtain federal, state, and local court case information faster than ever before.


In addition to maintaining court links across the US, we also maintain useful resources that will help you research class actions. Class actions are cases where a group of people (the class) sues a company for different reasons. Different types of class action cases include Securities (stock), Consumer (like food mislabeling, bothersome telemarketing, bank misdeeds, etc), Antitrust, Employment, and others.


During your research you may come across attorney information that is not detailed enough, outdated, or you simply want additional research for. Our Attorney Lookup resource collection will allow you to locate an attorney’s contact information and bar membership status. You can confirm their license to practice and see if they have had any disciplinary actions brought against them. If you are a lawyer you can confirm your own information.


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